Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance People are struggling to maintain balance between life and work. Work can help us to sustain our life and fulfill the basic necessities but at deeper level, we must enjoy…

The Power of Self-Love

The Power of Self-Love Hate, anger, stress etc. happen when are not in self-love. Only love can heal us. You cannot transcend hate with hate but love is needed and this…

Practice and Cultivate Compassion

Practice and Cultivate Compassion Compassion and love are the intrinsic quality of human being but we are not aware of it. When you  hurt a person, you can hurt with awareness and…

Manifest Abundance with Meditation Practice

Manifest Abundance with Meditation Practice Water is flowing in the river but we are not aware of it. Money is also flowing everywhere but we live with limited belief system and…

A Ray of Hope brings Light

A Ray of Hope brings Light Everything keeps on changing from time to time or from moment to moment because life is impermanent. Pain comes and happiness goes and it keeps on…

Transcends Anger

Transcends Anger Anger is a negative emotional energy and it takes place when we are not alert, aware, and awake. It happens when you overreact to a situation by not…

The Power of Meditation

The Power of Meditation Meditation is the act of thoughtless awareness as a result of witnessing and observation of thoughts without judgment or labeling whether they are positive…

Nature is Teacher

Nature is Teacher Nature is formless, limitless, boundless, and infinite. The people who live with nature, their energy is highly creative like a fisherman, woodcutter, sailor etc. They are really…

Bliss of mindfulness

Bliss of Mindfulness Mindfulness teaches us how we have to slow down, pay attention, and watch our thought emotion which is arising within us instead of reaction. Therefore, whatsoever emotion…

Look Deep into Nature

Look Deep into Nature Everything is autopilot in nature. There is no resistance but everything flows just like water flows in the river. Our life must be like that but…

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